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Five Reasons to Use Interim Housing Limited…

  1. Skills and experience – Having supported housing providers of all shapes and sizes in a variety of service areas covering over 8 counties our diverse range of skills and experience is likely to meet your needs.
  2. Flexibility – With bases in most areas of the country and a significant range of skills and knowledge, we are almost certainly able to support your service. If you wish to explore with us without obligation what the challenge is, we can explore a solution with you.
  3. Impartiality – This is particularly useful if you need someone to look at something awkward or contentious such as serious disciplinary matters and grievances.
  4. Hitting the floor running – when you take someone on, you probably can’t afford to spend lots of time introducing the interim to the service. What every service wants is someone who can come in and with the minimum amount of introduction get on with what is required. This is something we have become adept at.
  5. Dependable reputation – What we have achieved is important to us as it means that services are likely to call us back and when you discover what others think of us, you will have the confidence to call us in.