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The experience we bring is broad and extensive. It includes operational and strategic support to services as diverse as the rural Torridge District Council’s services to the elderly to management of Birmingham City Council’s homelessness services.

Transformation of services is also something we can deliver and successful change management has taken place through geographically diverse as Northamptonshire, West Cheshire, Portsmouth and the Midlands.

Change has often included the successful renegotiation of service contracts, staffing structures and funding arrangements.

Operational management support to tenancy and estate management services such as Portsmouth City Council.

Experience at managing a range of services is what we provide. These areas include anti-social behaviour management, tenant involvement; right-to-buy and floating support service delivery.

More specialist service management to specific client groups including care leavers, people requiring mental health support needs, ex-offenders, older people and those with learning disabilities.

Experience of commissioning services is also available and examples of this exist through countywide needs assessment for socially disadvantaged ethnic groups such as gypsies and travellers and adults with physical and sensory impairment in Warwickshire. If you require an “unmet needs” review conducting, it will be worth talking with us.